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Since our founding in 1965 we have innovated and improved our filter solutions for many different applications like OEM, HVAC, air purifiers and more. We are the world leader in the ability to create true HEPA filters as well as gas phase filters with a differentiated ability and have partnered with a number of companies to produce OEM filter solutions for their products.

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Our business is to protect and better what matters. The quality of air we breathe, the water we drink, the buildings we work in and the cars we drive – our filtration solutions are helping to make our world a better place.

Dr. Vivekanand Gaur, Appointed as a PSVM-General of ASHARE SSPC 145

Dr. Vivekanand Gaur | Vice President – Research & Development

Columbus Industries is proud to share one of our own, Dr. Vivekanand Gaur, has been appointed as a PSVM-General (Project Subcommittee Voting Member) of ASHARE SSPC 145, Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Gas-Phase Air Cleaning Equipment committee for a three-year term.

Vivek has over 20 years of experience in leading an offshore Research & Product Development for Water and Air filtration with a specialized expertise in surface modification, carbon technology, catalyst synthesis and filtration media.

Congratulations Vivek!

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