Molecular Filtration

Filters Specializing in the removal of VOCs and Odors

VOCs & 3D Carbon Filters

Our molecular filters integrate Columbus Industries exclusive 3D Carbon media or SP (sodium permanganate) media for the broad-based removal of odorous and harmful contaminant gases. The engineered carbon in our 3D media binds and removes VOCs and odors from the air.

  • Doesn’t just capture pollutants like standard filters do — this technology helps remove bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens and more.


Common Uses

  • Commercial Applications
  • Home-Health
  • HVAC
  • Air Purifiers
  • Hand Dryers
  • Medical Offices
  • Vacuum Cleaners


  • Removes smoke, pet odors, NOX, Formaldehyde, NH3, toluene and more.
  • Can be a great enhancement to filters for standard home HVAC or air purifiers.


How 3D Carbon Amplifies Your Filtration Capabilities & Assists With VOC Capture!

What is VOC Capture?

VOC (volatile organic compound) capture is the process of effectively trapping and removing airborne pollutants known as VOCs. VOCs are gases emitted from various sources such as cleaning products, paints, adhesives, gas stoves, and even pets.

These compounds can have adverse effects on indoor air quality and human health. Our 3D Carbon, VOC capture solution, employs advanced technologies to capture and bind VOCs, creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Capturing Pollutants with Our Innovative 3D Carbon Technology

At Columbus Industries, we pride ourselves on innovation, and our air filters featuring 3D Carbon Technology are a testament to that. This groundbreaking technology combines the power of activated carbon with a unique three-dimensional structure, resulting in exceptional VOC capture and removal capabilities.

This technology can be especially useful in air purifier filters, as it helps solve a lot of common household issues like pet odor, smoke odor, and cooking fumes.

Learn More About Columbus Industries 3D Carbon Technology

Common Household VOCs are no Match for Columbus Industries Filter Technology!
Enhance Your Filters to Combat:




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